Here are a few videos, all shot with my camera …so they are short but sweet. Quality is mediocre…should have shot more!

Royal Palace Changing of the Guard Marching Band.

Trains from the Hoegi Hotel.

About to leave Seoul.

Christopher ordering sushi #1… (surreptitiously filmed–Chris is self conscious about his Japanese and he shouldn’t be!) Because sometimes you want something other than what is on the conveyor belt.

Christopher ordering sushi #2

4:30 pm Chimes as heard from Christopher’s room (to come)


  1. Amy Macadam · March 5, 2015

    Very impressive Christopher! Great videos Kris, enjoyed seeing your wee room. Pity all cities didn’t do similar 🙂


    • KonaCoconutz · March 6, 2015

      The room was actually quite large, that photo was taken at the door entrance. Super comfortable, loved the toasty floors!


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