Kimcheegon… again.

Here’s that great authentic place again in Kyle’s university area. The kimcheegon was so good I wanted to go back so Kyle obliged. It’s below street level and has some old-timey Korean vocal music playing when you walk in.


And because this blog insists on making the first photo small (can’t figure it out and don’t want to mess with it any longer), here’s that same photo larger. (You can click on all photos, by the way, to make them larger.) Last photo shows the place looking out toward the street.


The ambiance and decor here was SO COOL. See photo below. That’s the owner behind the counter cooking up our kimcheejon.




When the kimcheegon pancake arrived, we devoured it. It’s also served with a delectable tofu broth. Because Kyle considers it an “appetizer,” we then went to the Korean BBQ place (third time there) and later, had a waffle with vanilla topping on the walk home. It was really really REALLY cold…down in the 20s at night with wind chill making it lower.  Walking back to Hoegi from here (only about 10 minutes) can be a deep freeze as the wind blows right in your face. I am so glad once again I had my new cashmere  wool coat–and my new Korean leggings, which I purchased from a street vendor for 6000 won, or about $5. USD. Made of high quality cotton and totally able to hold off the chill. Kyle said I looked like a “Korean college student” in my leggings, coat and “Ugg-like” boots, and if that is true, the college students know how to dress for winter.




  1. Amy Macadam · March 2, 2015

    Have so enjoyed your trip vicariously Kris! Looks like you had a FABULOUS time 🙂


  2. KonaCoconutz · March 2, 2015

    Thanks Amy. I still have one more day of stuff to post. I really got behind with all the posting and have also been fussing with the blog formatting so it has been a bit frustrating!


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