Back in Seoul.

Christopher stayed with us at the Fussa hotel on the last night so we could be sure to get back to Narita Airport in time for our flight back to Seoul. Christopher set his iPad alarm on NUCLEAR ALERT so we would be sure to wake up and we all three hit the ceiling when it went off.  That commute would take approximately two hours, although Christopher, with his nerdy train apps, got the time cut down to one hour 36.  He took us as far as the Skyliner which is a fast fast airport train which uses Shinkansun (bullet train) technology. We got to sit in a luxury seat, but the fare was 2400 yen. (about $20USD).  On the way from Fussa however, we got a taste of crammed Tokyo commuter traffic on the subway, which Christopher says he and his friends call a “Hug a Stranger” experience. We have seen a lot of airports this trip, especially Incheon. Plus every time we go in and out of the country we have immigration and customs. Kyle has made 8 airport trips back and forth to Incheon, picking up all of us and taking us, and I have made six. But now that I know the trains I am sure I could get to Kyle’s from the airport should I visit Korea again (a definite.) The metro in Korea is soooooooo slick. New, color coded, easy to follow and CHEAP. Only $4.50 to get to the airport from where Kyle lives, compared to $30 plus to where Chris is in Japan. A trivia fact: I noticed all the subway train cars and escalators and moving walkways in Seoul were made by Hyundai.

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