Trains, trains, trains.

I think 90% of our lives here are spent on the trains. Train riding in Japan is super expensive, unlike Korea. In the 1970s, Christopher tells us, the train systems were privatized so the government could get cash in a recession and now unfortunately, the private companies can charge whatever they want so the consumers are held hostage and get ripped off.

There are regular, local, rapid, super rapid trains and even the Shinkansen, the bullet train. (Which is how you can get to Kyoto, and Hiroshima, which is on the other side of the country.) So so many trains…. But necessary in a city this size. Tokyo is bigger than most countries I think!

We were watching the conductor from the window here when we noticed her signaling to every light. I told the boys I think they do it to stay alert. They said I was wrong…Turns out I was right,..that is something they do to stay mentally alert, and is only done in Japan, and reduces train accidents by 85%. Maybe it would also work when you drive a car to avoid highway hypnosis. Very interesting.





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