The boys’ dorms: Kyle

The whole point of the trip for me has really been to visit the boys and see what they see, experience what they do. Kyle’s dorm is in the heart of a lively and hip university area within easy walking distance to a million good restaurants and some nice shops. I had to restrain myself because there are so many nice clothes in Korea that are fashionable, well made and cheap. Yikes!

Kyle’s dorm is in a large and very well secured building. All visitors need to leave their ID at the counter and get a visitor pass so we only went to his room once. At the time, he has no roommate, but he thinks that will change soon. The wood floors have radiant heating and Kyle’s room has a shower and washroom for two boys.

You can also see the security area outside of Kyle’s dorm. A bit overkill I think for such a safe place as Seoul.





The area across from Kyle’s dorm is chock full of delish places to eat. YUMMM.



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  1. Amy Macadam · February 23, 2015

    Nice quilt!


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