Fussa Hotel fail.

Well it’s been a slightly more complex trip as we were making a side journey to Tokyo from Seoul and back to Seoul. Months ago, I tried to have Christopher locate a place to stay near his dorm and the only one he could find was a men’s business hotel with a communal bathroom, as he is far away from the tourist areas. It had a women’s floor but we would need to book two rooms, one for Kyle and one for me, so doing that was not cost effective.

So I booked in Tachikawa, which is about two train stops away from his dorm town of Hitotsubashi gakuen. Tachikawa is a charming city full of lights and sights. The boys wanted to stay there and so did I. Well due to damned booking dot com, I didn’t book the hotel I thought I did. The one I booked is in Fussa, which Christopher informed me was way the heck away from not only where he lives but away from Tachikawa, where I originally thought I had booked. And as it serves an American Air Force base, so it’s metropolitan but charmless.

I think the reason it happened was because STOOOOPID booking dot com keeps flashing hotel suggestions at you while you are booking. Due to that, and being unfamiliar with the city, I screwed up and booked the wrong one. I was really upset at first… Because the cancellation fee was 100% but I thought because they were both part of the same hotel chain I could simply ask them to exchange the nights. So we went to the hotel we wanted and Christopher translated the whole mess into Japanese. It’s hard enough to untangle a sh*tshow like this in English let alone another language. It could have worked had the hotel we had wanted had ALL the rooms available but they didn’t. They only had two nights out of four. So it made no sense to try to switch it.

So we decided to suck it up and stay out at the far Fussa one. I had already paid for it, essentially. The hotel was fine but it is 16 minutes further each way on the subway line which added $6 daily to each of our trips. So it sux. Also staying in Fussa compared to staying in Tachikawa is like staying in Irvine as compared to Laguna Beach. Fail, fail fail. I was depressed about it for a while but figured we are only sleeping there, right? Who cares if it is half hour from Christopher as opposed to 10 minutes. Sob.

So if you ever use an internet booking service like this, be sure not to get distracted if it flashes other hotel choices at you and before you know it you are out in the effing hinterlands instead of where you wanted to be.

In a related near-monster fail, I had accidentally given Christopher my passport to put in his drawer instead of his because I was carrying both of them. I thought for sure it was his because I thought I saw the visa paperwork attached to it but it was MINE. Learned later that Japanese customs had stapled a custom form to my passport! So when I saw that I handed Chris his passport without looking at the picture. If they had not have asked us for passports at the Fussa hotel (I only had Christopher’s and Kyle’s!) I would never have known about this near super- catastrophic passport exchange until I was at the airport trying to get the Incheon flight which if I had missed would have led to me missing my flight back to Hawaii. So maybe the universe aligned us to stay at the Fussa hotel to notify me of this? Or some other such new agey reason?


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