Family hilarity.

I don’t know what it is but my kids crack me up. Some of the things Christopher has been doing since we arrived in Japan just have me in stitches. Such as the day I forgot my sweater upon arriving at his dorm. It was freezing out and we had to wait outside his room for him to open the security door and all I had was my coat and a tank top. His poor mother was cold but he didn’t want to lend me a an old sweatshirt to wear under my coat because he says, “I don’t like lending out my clothes.” LOL. I flew 4,000 miles to see him and he won’t lend me a sweatshirt!?? Heck it’s even the one I bought him in Hilo!!! Yet in the same hour he tells us he wants to give his bike away to the next resident of his room so he could “pay it forward.” But yet he won’t let his mom use an old shirt or lend his brother a hotspot even though he has plenty of data left and the month is almost over.

He also won’t help Kyle and me with tech issues unless the timing suits him. For example, Kyle got locked out of Facebook and needed his help to reclaim his account but would he help? No, “I’m replying to a Reddit thread right now,” or “No, I can’t help you transfer pictures Mom, I’m choosing wallpaper for my phone and downloading a tinted status bar.”

On the other hand he’s been so generous. He will offer to pay for dinner or buy everyone a Starbux.

We just start laughing at him and his antics and we all bust up laughing and can’t stop. I mean can’t stoppppp!

Also we are apparently embarrassing Christopher in public by resembling tourists and pronouncing things wrong. I can’t even say aregato correctly.
He’s like the pronunciation police. He doesn’t want to be affiliated with obvious tourists when he LIVES here and is a local. If he is handed an English menu in a restaurant he gets insulted. He also gets furious at us if we don’t take our shoes off and set even a toe on his floor. This is also a strict dorm rule and subjects you to fines. It’s a 200 yen fine to walk into the communal dining hall with shoes on, so don’t even try. We ran across this also at the capsule hotel. It’s horrific to walk on the floor with shoes but perfectly OK to drag a suitcase across it? Curious, very curious.

The toilets I’ve encountered here are another curiosity. But that’s a blog post for another day.


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