Capsule Hotel.

The capsule hotel in Shinjuku is about the cheapest known place you can stay in Tokyo. For about 3000 yen (less than $30) you can stay on a weekend night. Week nights are even less. The women’s floor is a little extra at 3600 because it is locked and secured and has private shower facilities and bathrooms. Whereas the men’s bath is communal and on another level. When you check in, you leave your shoes at the front, they give you a locker. Then assign you a personal capsule and locker. Yes you are in a communal room, but it’s quiet and respectful. You just lower the screen to go to sleep.

It’s a good place to stay when first arriving in Tokyo if you know where to go. The boys knew right where it was

I must say, arrival in Shinjuku was quite a shock to the system as it is the busiest train station in the world. A million people walking in every direction super fast…Yeah you can see why!

I totally enjoyed my stay in the capsule. I slept like a log and didn’t expect to. You can’t talk at all, I mean at All. You have to respect the privacy and quiet of all women on the floor. It looked like mostly college students or twenty something’s, hardly a single tourist. I probably stood out but no one even looked at me. The atmosphere is calm and polite. I didn’t even want to snap a photo as the sound of my camera snapping a pic was too loud.

In my capsule I had a radio, clock, dimmer light, plug, and even TV. My TV only had a station that showed films with women going on trips. In contrast Kyle said his capsule had a TV with two shows, porn and baseball. Haha.

At night the shower room was crowded, so I decided to wake up early to use the shower. I forgot to set my alarm however and an email chime woke me up. I was delighted to use the shower as it had all high-end Sheishedo products — shampoos, conditioner, body lotions, emulsions and body oils. And really high quality hair dryers. Plus they issued you a towel set, hapi coat set and slippers. The shampoo made my hair feel like a million bucks as you can see in these selfies.








Here’s me in my little robe the hotel gives you.




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