Night skiing at “Vivaldi Park”

Ok…make that “graveyard” skiing! Kyle has fallen in love with skiing and has found a ski resort where they offer graveyard skiing (12am-5am) for only 30 won (about 28 US) for students and that includes equipment and bus ride up there! He’s been several times and wanted to take us. I skied a lot in my 20s but have not seen a slope or chairlift since I left the Mainland and moved to Hawaii. Christopher had never been before. Yeah it would be an interesting evening all right!

First we had our samgipsal Korean BBQ dinner again, (awesome) and then took the subway to the bus stop at Guri. I thought this might be a crappy bus but it was a heated luxury coach. Several other students were waiting and then we drove about an hour and a half to another province to the ski resort.

They let me in for the student rate although I probably qualified for the senior rate, haha. It was quite uncrowded and not as cold as I expected.

We rented clothing too which made the evening more comfortable. All for under $40 US. Our session started at midnight!!! And immediately it started snowing, although the slopes had been groomed with the snow blower. Again I was like a kid at Christmas frolicking in the snow flurries.

Christopher was very apprehensive at first and granted it is difficult to have a beginner with you. Most family members are terrible ski teachers, and it’s frustrating for all. True, we would have gotten him a lesson but no one speaks English! He did great though, he hung in there and did not quit, and even rode the chair.

I did not think I’d be able to do anything skillful skiing wise after so long but I got my turns down right away. So much funnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! After a night of fun we loaded back up on the bus, but this one was not heated and drove back to the city, arriving at about 6 or 7 am. I never lost that chill. We were soooooooo cold waiting for the subway train back to Hoegi. I think this was the coldest I’ve been here although the DMZ was a close second. We figured it was in the teens, accounting for windchill. Waiting for that train outside was the wait of death, LOL. This morning we got in and decided to sleep until 12 or 1 but Kyle actually slept until 4. It was OK . Everything, and I mean everything was closed,today for the New Year holiday.





















  1. wlinda45 · February 23, 2015

    So enjoying this blog! Love the skiing – it looks incredible, although I understand how challenging it is to go skiing with those that don’t know how to ski. I was one of those once, with a large group of friends, and it left me in tears. But it was a motivation to take lessons, and then I loved the sport. Don’t give up, Chris – it’s a very fun sport! Love to you all!


    • KonaCoconutz · February 23, 2015

      Agree. Every new skier should have a lesson! Not possible on this night.. But at least he hung in there! Sorry I’ve not been keeping up with posting, I got behind on photo transfer and wanted to do everything in order if possible. Trying to catch up now.


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