Dropsies and wallet fail.

Both Christopher and I have have dropped things all through out our stay in Korea and also have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get ID and other stuck cards out of our wallets which irritated Kyle no end. It’s gotten to be a joke almost and makes me laugh out loud to think of how often it’s happened. Christopher had dropped passports, coins, wallets, his hat and more. I was sweating and apologizing trying to get my credit card out to pay for our DMZ tour, and then to get my license out to give at Kyle’s dorm. One minute of struggling is acceptable; five is just embarrassing. Chris could not get his subway card out of his wallet at the subway payment kiosk while we needed to catch a train ASAP. Chris dropped things in the subway gate too which caused us to miss a train. He left his hat on the ski bus and we had to run like gangbusters to retrieve it before the bus drove away.

At the JSA conference room parking lot in the DMZ, Christopher dropped a mitten on the ground and that was the end of me. I had to choke back a gut laugh right at the wrong time. I did not want to be guffawing like a little kid in church or school while they needed our utmost attention for the mandatory security briefing in this serious place. But really–did he have to drop a mitten right then?????


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