Dinner (kimcheegon ) last night.

We had pageon (the battered green onion, Kim chee and calamari pancake) again at a little place one step from the hotel door. Awesome!!, later the boys went to a PC bong and met one of Kyle’s friends and then had more pageon, luckily because they were having soju along with it. I told them to enjoy it because it will be another year before they are legal back in the States. Then they came in at 4:30 am and Christopher announced loudly that they had kimcheegon at my favorite place even though Kyle told him not to tell because he knew I’d be jealous!

This area of Hoegi where I am staying (much is a university town) is incredibly safe. You can walk around at all hours of the night and no one even glances at you or bothers you. The people in Korea seem super mellow and it feels very very safe no matter where you go. In fact most of Korea is really really safe. This is good to know when I have children living here!!,




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