A long trip but I made it!





This was a really long day, and I apologize for not getting better pictures.

I was met at the gate in Incheon South Korea  by my tall handsome son wearing his big parka! The one with the furry hood that everyone seems to have here, so he looked like a local. It was quite a trek to my hotel in  Hoegi where I am staying, by the university area. It just seemed like we traveled on a million escalators with the luggage. I never would have found my way out of the airport let alone to the hotel. Kyle really knows his way around here.. I was so glad he was there to get me.

It was cold, I wanna say it was like in the 20s. I felt pretty loopy by the time I got to the hotel, and thrilled to get in the door where it was warm! The floor of my room has radiant heating! We dropped our bags and then went out for a quick, and I mean quick bite.

We couldn’t resist some tempura being cooked by a street vendor. It was 2,000 won (under a buck USD)  for five pieces. Yummmm!

My hotel is funky but sweet. It’s got heated floors and is on the 8th floor overlooking Hoegi, a lively local college area. The shower is in the same room as the toilet and I got only a little TP but then I realized it was because I might have a bidet-style rinser here, LOL. But why are the towels about the size of a tea towel… ? All good, I love it.

Impressions of Seoul: colorful lights, lots of good smells, lively, lots of young people, trains everywhere. I have a train right below me.  I feel great, no jet lag. Waiting for Kyle to get here in a bit, so we can see some sights before going all the way back to Incheon later today to pick up Christopher.

Oh and it’s my birthday here!!!! I can’t imagine a better way to spend it ….awesome!!!!


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